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Very long time ago.
In the sixties last century. When in our huge country there came Khruschev's thaw. And computers mentioned only in fantastic novels.
In those days people did not buy clothes. The clothes were SEWED TO ORDER. In Studio, at the Tailor. Dresses, Coat, Jackets, Trousers.

Then the tailor was a significant figure.
He created Beauty, Comfort, and Warmly. In sewing hierarchy there were Masters and journeymen. The cutter is a Master. Being behind imperceptible appearance of the baldish grandfather with a characteristic nose and affable manners. The master took measurements and did patterns. That is - created. The rest was done by seamstresses - journeymen. Cut, stitched, scribbled. And - Oh, the Miracle - there were very decent things. Which carried the whole generations.

Now - at all not that. Globalization.
Now Tailors are called Designers. They DO NOT SEW individually to everyone any more. And PROJECT collections. Which are shown on PODIUMS by professional people - MODELS. The best collections replicate then garment factories on the PIPELINE. Market, line production. Now Hand Made Clothes (Hend Meyd - handwork) it just a hobby. Grandmother's dresses - the Vintage. And Shops of READY-TO-WEAR Clothes are called just Clothes. Because now ALL READY.

the Clothes for the WEBSITES are similar to Clothes for PEOPLE.
Today ALL modern websites have program CMS engines in a basis. ENGINES allow to change not only contents of the website - texts and pictures. Engines also allow to CHANGE clothes (design, a design) of the websites. The CLOTHES of the website are called the SUBJECT, the TEMPLATE, the SKIN. The most speaking name SKIN skin - skin (English). Yes, quite so. The website can instantly DRESS UP as simple clicking of the BUTTON. That is to REPLACE one skin with another.

Appearance of skin can be ANY DESIGN.
One CONDITION - program codes of skins at all CMS engines different. In the cutter's language CMS engines it is different MEASURES and CURVES. On which find and sew SKINS - FABRIC, COLOUR, the STYLE. So, at FACTORY of the WEBSITES everything is ready to work. CMS Engines are debugged, fabric and color on monitors, styles in the heads of web designers. It is possible to start the PIPELINE. You GIVE CLOTHES to ALL INTERNET.

it is A little a pity for studio on INDPOShIVU a web of the websites.
There is a creativity, but not a flow. The design keeps heat of soul and care of human hands. But now such Hend Meyd will be already applied art. Also will surely find the grateful client. Among businessmen oligarchs with huge requests and the same budgets. But such clients - very big rarity. Write glamourous logs about their whims, but they are not in reports of business news. Because in business there is a tough war of the prices. At permanently high quality of products. Market, competition, globalization.

Shops and factories of the READY websites already exist.
Also are very popular with web developers and their clients. Who does not know http://www.templatemonster.com Is valid the MONSTER of TEMPLATES. These are TENS OF THOUSANDS of professional SKINS of Designs for different CMS engines and categories of business. However even such megamarket is not able to close ALL market of the ready websites any more. There Skins on CURVES only for 10 FREE CMS engines.

But engines in 100 Times more.
According to foreign data - http://cmsmatrix.org - 1200 CMS движков
According to the Russian data - http://www.cmsmagazine.ru - 560 CMS engines

Large Russian CMS developers of engines
already understood a situation in the market of web developments. And actively open own FACTORIES of the ready WEBSITES. Working on curves of the CMS engines. At the last forum PRIF 2011 the Representative Bitriksa made the report on this subject. The report carried the symbolical name - LAWS of DARWIN in the conditions of the changing market. It was talked of their MARKETPLEYS project DIRECTORY of DECISIONS.

I do not advertize the above-mentioned CMS engine. Because I work at OTHER engines. But I ALREADY OPENED Own FACTORY of the ready websites. So far small, with the simple, but speaking name - the WEB SITE SKIN - http://www.websiteskin.com

For me the answer to question WHO WILL WIN is already obvious.
And for YOU?

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130+ Shopping Carts A - Z

130+ Shopping Carts A - Z

It is the quick reference guide of Programs for Shopping Cart Software online stores. The reference book will be useful to web studios, and also future owners of online stores. The reference book is made on the sources opened the Internet, and does not apply for exhaustive completeness.

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40+ Hosted Shopping Carts

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50+ Hosted Websites Builders

Давным-давно. По меркам Интернета. Лет 10 назад. Когда сайты строили Веб студии. И Владельцев сайтов было немного. Тогда каждый сайт программировали вручную. Или Веб студия писала для своих сайтов собственный CMS движок. И сайты хранили тепло человеческого прикосновения. Теперь не то. Глобализация. Конкуренция. Теперь каждый может построить себе сайт. Без участия программиста. И совершенно бесплатно. И не нужно платить за хостинг. Онлайн конструкторы сайтов работают по облачной технологи
Bigcommerce Shopping Cart

Bigcommerce Shopping Cart

The company works 4 years. 40 000 + shops in more than 65 countries.
We yawed worldwide to find the most talented engineers, designers and support personnel of such companies as Google, PayPal and Atlassian. 2 cities in Australia and the USA. Austin is the house for our sales, marketing and support of command. Our Exec, engineering and product commands in Sydney

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Choose own Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Software, programms for internet Store or поInternet Store Engines. There are Specialized class of programs for e-commerce. It will be a question only of shrink-wrapped software products (further boxes). That is serial, separately alienable, without development. Questions of the choice of the engine are constantly raised by holivarny disputes. Both among developers, and among owners of online stores. Both real, and potential.

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Comparison CS-Cart, OpenCart, Ecwid

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